About Us

We are a UX Agency

LION+MASON is a user experience design agency that helps global brands create enduring online profit and revenue growth through user-centered research, strategy, and design.

The result is smarter digital experiences on your apps, websites, and online services that increase customer acquisition, conversion rates, and retention.

We turn critical thinking about your digital customer journey into better business.

By blending blend beautiful, user-friendly interfaces that are both simple and intuitive with a heavy emphasis on your business goals, we design experiences that delight your users and drive measurable business results.


With over 15 years experience in delivering online growth for a range of brands, we can help you create engaging digital experiences that drive revenue and bring joy at every interaction, whatever your business.

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How we work


We recommend starting with Discovery: an initial opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of your brand, business objectives, goals, challenges, and customers profiles.


We would look to audit all online assets, using both sales and website data to uncover opportunities and challenges. Based on the findings we would also look to gather qualitative information through user testing and workshops with your customers.


Based on the foundation of the research and discovery, we would look to provide a 12-month roadmap of tasks with priority on those items that would have the best and/or most immediate impact on business goals.

Hypothesis & Proposal

For each challenge uncovered, we would look to create a hypothesis and proposal i.e. why do we think the problem is happening based on the evidence and how do we propose to fix it.

Design & Execution

We would create designs and interactive prototypes that demonstrate our solution based on the hypothesis and proposal.

Testing & Review

We would look to perform user testing on our proposed solution as well as split-testing on any solution that goes live. We would then review any test results to take away any learnings from the sprint.

“I decided to start LION+MASON as great UX can not only have a positive impact in terms of making complex systems easy to use but also drives a tremendous amount of business value. My ambition is that through smart, user-centric research, strategy and design, LION+MASON will help businesses grow by bringing joy to their customers across all their digital touch-points.”



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